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D60FWA Detector

Ray-Doc FWA Detector

Detects FWA by making it clearly visible

Detects even small amount of FWA accurately

Also detect counterfeit money

01 What is FWA?

FWA (Fluorescent Whitening Agent) is a chemical substance that is widely used in manufacturing daily household items
(ex. toilet papers, detergents, clothes, etc.) to make them look white and clean.
However, in some countries, it was reported that FWA could cause skin trouble and even cancer if exposed to a long-term.
Therefore, in certain country, it is currently designated as the substance that is prohibited from being contained in products such as facial tissues,
paper-made food containers/packages/utensils by law.

02 FWA Detector Check Fluorescent Material at a glance!

Detects FWA by making it clearly visible
Even detects a small amount of FWA accurately!
Can also detect counterfeit money

03 Hazard of FWA seen through the media

SBS Eight O’Clock News (16/03/2016)

Fluorescent material detected on hand toilet paper at a University Hospital. Fluorescent Whitening Agent is chemical material that is added to make paper look whiter. If the body is exposed to it for a long period of time, it may cause dermatitis. Some scholars have warned that is may cause cancer. Even toilet paper used at university hospitals includes chemical substance "Fluorescent Whitening Agent", but paper manufacturing companies delivered to university hospitals without notices of this fact ...

‘Dangerous Fruit Packaging’ - Food X-File from Channel A (21/09/2012)

FWAs are also found in fruit wrappers which make fruits even more tempting!

The fruits are still left with FWAs even after rinsing. It makes our hands and mouths become stained with the substance.

Please check once again before you enjoy fruits with your loved ones~

All toilet papers sold in large discount stores are declared as non-fluorescent!

Staffs of Zero Dissatisfaction program have purchased and tested 20 of such toilet papers and found that 11 of them were treated with FWA.

04 Identification of counterfeit bills

Secret letter or picture drawn with fluorescent material is hidden in the bill, passport, etc.
for easy detection if it is forged or not. If lit by ultraviolet emitting visible rays, it can be identified with the naked eye.

Product Specification
Product Size Ф19x105 ㎜ (ФDxL)
Battery type AAA type 1.5V battery