PRODUCT Introducing Ray-Doc products


Ray-Doc Beauty Color LED Gel lamp!
Beauty Color LED Gel Lamp

It is integrated with the world’s 1st color UV LED.
Customers can choose their favorite LED color.

Manufactured by Specialized LED Company

No more of LEDs that lose power shorty!
Products are integrated with stable and reliable LEDs
that are manufactured domestically.

Products with Outstanding Design

Products are made with premium colors and design.

01 Six beautiful LED colors

allow you to feel fresh and excited during gel nail. You can choose one of the six colors.

Design nails enjoying attractive colors~

02 Fast Curing through High Power LED!

Applied high-power LEDs for fast curing.
  - Curing in 20 seconds for most gels.

LEDs are considerately placed to match location of your fingernails.

Also good for pedicure.

03 Timer & Easy Operation

- On/off power switch and timer in one button!
- Selected mode can be observed by the LED indicator on top of the product.