PRODUCT Introducing Ray-Doc products

R40LED Gel Lamp

Ray-Doc Portable Color Gel Lamp

Select your favorite LED color!

lime pink Peach Aqua Blue White Blue Customized

Fast curing with high-power LEDs!

Convenient tier function.

Cordless type available to do gel nail anywhere!

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01 Diverse LED Colors!

Six beautiful LED colors allow you to feel fresh and excited during gel nail.
You can choose one of the six colors.
Design nails enjoying attractive colors~

  • pink
  • Peach
  • White
  • Aqua Blue
  • Blue
  • lime
02 Convenient & Light!

Enough space for all fingers –
No need to worry if the gel might smear the inner walls of the lamp or not !
Also good for pedicure as it has enough space!
It goes into your bag easily as it is light and small.
It is conveniently portable~. At home, cafés…, can be used anywhere with friends...

03 Fast Curing & Long~ Lifetime!

Applied high-power LEDs for fast curing.
 - Curing in 20 seconds for most gels.

LEDs are considerately placed to match location of your fingernails.

Also good for pedicure.

04 Timer & Easy Operation

On/off power switch and timer in one button!
Selected mode can be observed by the LED indicator on top of the product.

05 Type of Power Supply

· Cordless type includes built-in rechargeable battery which allows to us regardless of time and place.

· Adopted micro USB adapter which is compatible with mobile phone charger! (Except some phones such as iPhones)

Product Specification
Model Type
R40-R-PK Cordless, Pink LED
R40-R-LM Cordless, Lime LED
R40-R-WH Cordless, White LED
R40-R-BL Cordless, Blue LED
R40-R-PH Cordless, Peach LED
R40-R-AB Cordless, Aqua Blue LED
R40-A-PK Corded, Pink LED
R40-A-LM Corded, Lime LED
R40-A-WH Corded, White LED
R40-A-BL Corded, Blue LED
R40-A-PH Corded, Peach LED
R40-A-AB Corded, Aqua Blue LED
Product Size 188.5x80x67 ㎜ (WxDxH)
Rated Input AC 100-240V
Rated Output DC 5V / 2.0A
Input Terminal Micro 5pin USB
Timer 20 /40 sec
Battery Type Li-Polymer (cordless)
Battery Capacity 3.7V/1900mA (cordless)
Charging/Operating time 3h/1h (cordless)